Just be YOU

Funny isn’t it…we go through life “being” what we believe ourselves to be…and without all of the “identities” and “labels” who are we really? Have you ever found yourself in one of those conversations that starts like this…So what do you do? Are you married? Do you live in the area? How long have you been doing____? And without much hesitation the response becomes habitual, and we sign off on only a bit of who we are!

Who are you really?

You may describe yourself as so- n- so, with a certain past, in a body with certain talents, weaknesses, fears and aspirations…it’s not who you are. It may be the way you describe yourself to others…It’s through the deeper questioning and the exploration that we discover who we are. It’s only when we quiet our minds, and still the incessant chatter constantly telling us who we are, that we remain in the silence, the awareness, the peace, the stillness, the divine. You are a divine child of God, Universe, Source, Creation, Consciousness…all labels and identities- and the underlying truth is you get it! It’s huge if you allow yourself to sink into that! You are an aspect of “creation” itself…that’s who you really are!  You aren’t here in a body on a planet to be something you are not- you are here to just be you! Who knows how to be you better than YOU! It takes some exploration, and shedding of personas, questioning of beliefs and conditioning to set out into the freedom of it all! Just be you…in all your glory, skinny fat, happy sad, accomplished or not, funny boring- what’s in a label, what’s in an identity…limitation. And you are here to create…use that emboldened I AM statement to move forward and create beautifully.

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