WTF…….When the follies hit……

The spiritual path is something that many of us are “conceptually” embarking upon with wide eyes and open hearts we begin to experience a deeper, richer experience of what it means to be human. Getting in touch with ourselves, witnessing the folly of the mind and its antics. There’s so much to be gleamed from examples of what we may “label” as back tracking, falling into old  habits and ways of thinking or being…screwing up to some etc. And yet it is the most fertile ground for expansion. I recently have been riding the amusement ride of irritation, lovingly regarded as such and realizing it was a choice to be irritated with a teacher I have deep love and high regard for. The weaving in and out of what I was hearing and the way it felt for me, the realization that I had expected this person to conduct themselves in a different way, and the humorous understanding that it was life’s way of lovingly pointing out to me those little corners and dark spots where the light had not yet shown itself! While in the “piss off” stages…unable to see the grace in the experiences, I held resentment. And it wasn’t something I am now beating myself up over…the beauty and marvel of ALL of it is this: Our minds may believe something to be truth…and yet, LIFE rallies to show you all of the ways in which you may be missing the greater realization of yourself…it places people and circumstances in front of you so that you may have the full experience of everything that no longer serves you. Releasing the strong hold of the mind’s assumption that it “should be a different way”- To share an old saying that I have unconsciously stated for years…”It’s ALL GOOD”…it really is. Consider this…..LIFE, loves you soooooo much that it magically entices you to travel into spaces that show you more of yourself, placing you in front of the perfect people or circumstances in order that you may gleam a brighter experience of yourself! So amidst the perceptive “shit” are the most delicious opportunities for growth, change and blooming into more of you! So, WTF…maybe it really is “Wonder Through the Fog”…. xxx

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