What if It’s ALL YOU

Who What? I know it can seem a bit “mind boggling” to even read that…this is the “flood light” perspective coming in rather than the “spot light.” As I’m expanding into more of Kathy in a body on a planet,  I’m having fun realizing that my “spot light” focus had me believing that within my daily interactions I was seeing myself reflected or mirrored back in circumstances of everyday life. For example…if I were to meet someone that was extremely agitated and unpleasant throughout my day- that this person was somehow a direct reflection or mirror of me; a teacher of sorts, to teach me something about myself. And further embracing the concept that everyone is in my life so that they can reflect back to me what I need most to learn! OK, that worked for a while and now I’m curious about a wider more expansive “flood light” possibility in this thing we know as life.

Stay with me…What if we aren’t here so much to learn…as we are here to live fully as a human (spot light) with the expanded awareness (flood light) of something more.

Who are you really?

What if tomorrow all identities were taken away…

What if all mirrors were gone? What if you had to explain who you are…pressure is off- you don’t have to. Simply inviting you to deeply consider that maybe the reason we are here is to simply create and enjoy doing so. Maybe we aren’t here to learn lessons, turn the tides of karma, be schooled, but to remember, unfold and create. Aside from all of the possible ways we as humans can label it as God, The Divine, Universe, Source energy- we can agree to disagree around those descriptors. We may all agree that something sooooo much grander than we could once imagine created all of this!

And YOU are an aspect of creation itself! And you are creating upon creation itself! And constantly changing and expanding as you do, so the experiences we have as a human appear as learning. We call it growing up! Gaining wisdom…is maturing. In the “flood light” version…you are creation itself, and you are creating ALL of it. You are not separate from God…you were created in the likeness of God. And as that…you are ALL OF IT! Now this can really be challenging to take in if you perceive yourself as “separate” from your Creator…and I’m by no means here to convince you of something that you may not be remotely familiar with in your experience- inviting your mind to ponder the possibilities.

And how cool would it be to realize that each and everything is part of YOU! You are not separate…you are the energy of creation and if in this body on a planet you realize that…and look out to what surrounds you each day THAT is what you create! Do you like it?


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