Valentine’s Day

Remember those days when we taped our bags to the front of our desks or decorated boxes so that we could be filled with the love of Valentine’s?
Those secret expressions of love and caring that were slipped in, (in secret) like the mystery of magic. The candies, gum, sweets and chocolate kisses. We would feel the bag from the outher edge to weigh our value in the world. If it felt robust and heavy we knew we were well loved; and if it felt light and empty we questioned our worth.
The simple joys of empting your bag all over the desk top and popping open the candy hearts that would dislodge even the most steadfast crown in adulthood
– spelling out the quippy sentences that would make even a staunchy adult giggle.

What is Valentine’s Day?

I guess you could say it’s the romantic holiday of sorts. The feast of Saint Valentine; the celebration of Love and affection! St. Valentine’s Day began as a liturgical celebration of an early Christian saint named Valentinus. Several martyrdom stories were invented for the various Valentines that belonged to February 14, and added to later…but all of that isn’t what’s important…it’s evolved into a day where we present flowers, cards, & chocolates as a means of expressing our love.

For me, each day is Valentine’s Day……a day you can share the love in your heart for your mate, your life, your experiences, your Self, fellow man and kindred animals. It isn’t about the things shared – it’s about the energy of love. That stuff that can’t be measured by the weighty bags of childhood past…it’s the stuff you are made of. The stuff that leaks out when the heart is opened in tender moments of great joy, and in the sorow filled moments of perceptive loss. It’s the real stuff…sweeter than candy, brighter than flowers and priceless beyond credit card commercials.

So in closing, the container is you…not the bag….the love is YOU….not the cards….the hope is that YOU will feel that love for yourself and all things in this world that are made of it….It’s all love……….

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