Thinking Soft…

A funny thought occurred to me as I read some threads on social media yesterday….If you were to describe what “soft” is to someone…how would you do it? How would you convey the nature of soft without the contrast? And if you were to describe it, how would you describe “soft?” The second thought occurred to me, and how could you describe it in such a way that was inclusive of everyone’s experience? Can you?

The thread tossed around the idea of judgment, discernment, feelings, and opinions, moral and ethical and intriguing contrasts that were all terrific to read. The strength and conviction of what each knew was palpable and it was most entertaining as well! I do love the conversations that hit the mark and trigger responses that have us understanding more of ourselves in the process. It had me looking into myself playfully with a large magnifying glass around what I believed to be true, resonant or correct. That waft of self righteousness creeping out that most if recognized attempt to beat into submission or keenly deny it’s existence under the pretense that they are somehow better than that, or above that! Funnier still the trap as we vehemently deny ourselves that exploration. And that’s why I loved the spark of conversation so much.

We are humanly full of whimsical contrasts and variations that I find amusing. Now there have been times in my life that I would have just a sooned shut the door to this possibility and seen myself as better than or clearer about a certain person or experience. And to deny that it stills spills out on occasion would be untruthful and silly of me. As I read the shares I found myself listening with a deeper connection. To witness the experience through the eyes of human with the wisdom of Divine Self. What a joy in that….giving you permission to see yourself in everyone’s share and experience!

That’s ME being judgmental, pious, stern, unbending, unyielding, open, curious and ethereal. Mirroring something for me to see, witness and experience about myself. No way, I hear you say- and how may I ask could Source/Creator experience itself without those mirrors? What would the Infinite Being need to experience in order to experience more of it Self? Contrast….delicious contrast. And in that state of being in contrast we separate. We step into the separation of Self and perhaps over time more deeply into becoming who we are. Infinite Divine playing out.

So, how would you describe “soft” ~in your experience, with your beliefs? It’s all about belief….If I believe the grass is blue and the sky is green…then it is- in my world. Perhaps the real invitation is “softening” our firmly held beliefs about anything, everything to see ourselves……everywhere. In all experiences” soft” has many nuances. Soften to the possibility that it is ALL YOU….

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