The strength of identities…and taking back your Power

My personal journey over the past several years has taken me deeply into the Being vs. Doing experience of life. This topic, not new to me touched my life back in 2002 as I was leaving the corporate world after nearly 20 years in the Animal Health Industry. I was, in the world of “identities” a “very successful sales person” with a thriving 9 state territory. For those of you that are familiar with sales positions, you know all too well that competition and goals are the bottom line focus! I loved the opportunity to be with animals and their owners, to visit and call on CSU and mingle with the Drs. and students- what I grew to realize is that I lost who Kathy was in the process. I had asked my husband if he thought I had changed, not knowing what I was sensing and without doubt on a much deeper level that something was missing! Was it missing….or was it just covered over by the identity and label of a “successful salesperson!” I made the choice in favor of me, and decided to leave in order to find what I thought was missing. And as the journey continues to unfold it wasn’t a matter of my having lost something, or having changed at all- it was simply a matter of taking off the label and identity that I had learned to grip so tightly.

We’ve all fallen into the personalities grasp, the egos whim of self importance and superiority in the identity game. Who you are, and what you do, is not the same thing! And without a deep awareness, we believe it to be one in the same! Somehow having a laundry list of accomplishments makes us more important…or more highly regarded. Really? Perhaps in the crumbling paradigm of competition and separation it would seem true. Crumbling as more of us become aware of the underlying truth that we are all unique expressions of God, Universe, Source, Spirit-  and as unique expressions, we are all here to live most fully who we are here to BE.

Each of us with our unique and wonderful qualities and skill sets brings something so remarkable to this humanity, our “authentic self.” That richly layered, multifaceted, dynamo of energy that rarely gets shared. It sits like a lion in wait just below the surface held back by restricted beliefs and conditioning, wanting to spring forward in hopes that someone else will see it and recognize its brilliance. That’s the real power…recognizing that you are so much more than a job, a label and identity. You are a divine expression here to live, dance and play in your unique way!

How can you bring more of YOU to the world? Perhaps “being” you in all that you “do” in life is the real Heaven on Earth experience! Touch the world by being YOU! Make a difference by seeing the strength in the real YOU not the identity.

Photo from my garden

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