The mimicking Myna

Thank you to those of you that shared a personal note about the last blog regarding taking back your power. We are all on a personal journey to uncover, discover, remember and most importantly create in our lives as life itself! How do you become YOU? This isn’t a one-stop shop, take a class, have an experience and your there kind of thing!

Its years of both unconscious and conscious awareness comingling at the same time.

What does it mean to be unconscious? Unawares…One could go into depths far beyond what it necessary to convey here, in loose terms, it would be those automatic processes and responses in the mind/body that are from our teaching and conditioning- not available to introspection! And the conscious awareness on the other hand would be a state of being more aware of the mind/body state. The comingling is more a spectrum with ordinary awareness at one end, and more profound states of awareness of oneself at the other end. That being said, we can gently unwrap what we thought ourselves to be, and uncover more of what WE actually are.

Did YOU want to become an attorney? Or do you come from a family of attorneys and “that’s just what we do?” How many of us have stories from friends in our lives that after the kids go to school, the nest is empty and there you are…it would seem that things start to unravel a bit. Standing in a place of judgment those of us on the outside looking in, may see it as a loss of sense, “I can’t believe they are getting a divorce after all these years”…”he ran off with a younger woman and decided to buy a restaurant and dumped his engineering job!” Things may not be what they seem…is it crazy altogether…by some standards….or is it finally a conscious breakthrough of what has been our unconscious pattern. What we have always been taught to do, what any responsible person would do! By who’s standards, according to whom? That takes us way way back into our ancestry, and a great topic for another day!

Have you ever sat and pondered some of the things that come out of your mouth? “Life can be very difficult” “Money doesn’t grow on trees” “You can’t where your heart of your sleeve!” And as you were growing up you heard these things and believed them to be your own experience! Our parents teach us lovingly what they were taught and we take it in as truth and repeat, express, follow suit much like a myna bird! Mimicking what we think to be true in our unconscious minds…and not questioning whether or not it feels best to us! Does this reflect who I AM? Does this encompass my passions; does it strike a chord in my heart? Is it comfortable- or is it so incongruent as to spur a moment of great change? I invite you to see where you have dutifully been the love seeking myna bird…and step into contemplation about what it means to be ME!

Who are YOU being out there? I trust the real joy comes from being YOU…I’m learning that, and creating that each day, every moment of my amazing life! It’s fun to color outside the lines…the lines of ancestry!

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