The holidays and hallmarks splash

Well the Christmas festivities are quickly approaching and the buzz is in the air. The stores are brimming with anxious shoppers; the energy is high and excitement palpable. The snow is falling, the crackle of the fireplace is enchanting, the smell of crisp apple candles are filling the room, the luscious smell of fresh baked cookies overwhelms the senses……..sounds like Hallmark.

The thoughts are beautiful the sentiment perfect and yet very few are experiencing this within their lives. The picture perfect scene and example is one that Hallmark built. Oh, I don’t doubt that some homes are like this; however, the vast majority are falling short and judging themselves for that. It’s an “Ideal” and “dream” that is free of conflict, sadness, strife and alienation. Let me introduce you to the real world, Aunt so and so isn’t wanting to come to dinner if “she’s” there…”It’s just not the same if your sister comes”, “I really don’t want them here”- yada yada yada.

What if the control buttons were off, the peace of the season is what we welcome in rather than having things be measured by the Hallmark standard -the one that seems challenging to perfect.

How about if we simply love each other.

Accept that this life isn’t about controlling outcomes…it’s about being in the moments…with a loving heart. Sometimes that means sitting with someone in dismay while a loved one is in the ER, or being with a group of friends over coffee, or holding a beloved pet. That’s real life stuff…that’s what Christmas can be. Yep, the Hallmark moments would seem to be what we aim for…only if we allow outside influences to dictate. Just be real…from an open heart be in whatever it looks like, let it unfold rather than being the general manager of it all…it may surprise you.

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