The best is yet to come

As I took off this morning to purchase the “perfect pen” for the book signing, I pondered the events that have taken place in this last year. I had never had aspirations as a writer, always loved creating in the arts, musically and in my gardens. Being in the flow of life…it’s an experience whose time had come and she gently and lovingly slid me forward into a magical place! Where the quiet becomes richly filled with the senses and the imagination travels to places anew. There’s such freedom and joy in writing…and subjects are within a moments reach. Meet “Bob” the pleasant sales assistant that greeted me with a delightful smile and a mindset for service. He asked me what I was looking for today, and I replied, I’m looking for the perfect pen! He smiled, and correcting myself, I shared that a perfect pen was waiting to be found. He giggled, and somehow knew what I meant. When I shared with him that I was going to be using it at a book signing the magic unfolded. A book signing, it this your book? – I hesitantly shared a book that I’m a contributing author in! He celebrated my accomplishment by his sheer joy and happiness for my contribution. We had a lovely conversation about all volumes and the varied content and he shared with me that he had never helped someone find the perfect pen for something that big! I laughed, he grabbed the packages and we proceeded to pull them apart and test them out on a sheet of paper. He tried to smear them and was pleased that they didn’t budge! We found the tool to assist in the celebration! He asked if I was associated with any Chamber organizations, I said No, he said we support them, so let me know- the best is yet to come. I took that into my heart…you know those times when you really hear it! Checking my fb page I smiled as I saw a beautiful photo with the exact words…I love how the Universe just opens and unfolds perfectly! A dear friend shared a wonderful saying with me that has stuck like glue- Everything is always perfect, only, ALL the time! Well said Barb.

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