Thats mine……

Ever have those moments where you have read something and it stills you? You hear yourself in it, that’s me, that’s mine!!! This funny reaction- as if someone else has taken your identity and used it to express themselves?

Throughout my life I have taken thoughts and beliefs and sat with them, not for a meditation…but until I feel as if spirit has shared enough with me to see it in the many aspects of self. I have pondered  this concept for months now…from the minds perspective it would appear as if someone had been so inspired that they took  your ideas and ways of expressing and made them their own.

Hilarious isn’t it? – Do we own anything? I mean really? And frankly can anyone else “do” you? Our mind would have us believing that of course “I” own a house, a car, a business, a trademark, this is “MY” life etc…all varied forms of identity, attachment and separation! And yet have you ever considered what it is that inspires your ideas? It comes from somewhere doesn’t it? Come with me…, we are here in a body on a planet having our own unique experience as a unique expression of the divine- and we are all divinely inspired! Perhaps those ideas are given to you, sent to you in your dreams in your conversations of seeing them in print….they are meant to inspire! To inspire you to share from YOUR unique set of circumstances; – life experience from your mountain top! The views are always different, as we all have our own lenses and perspectives. What a gift you are to the world…to share an idea, a concept, an experience or process with your particular flavor!

We are all gifted in our personal experiences….maybe that’s why when you try something someone else’s way it may not feel right for you! You energetically are not resonating with it! Cool, do it your way! Keep going……step ahead and trust that there is something in it for you or you would not have been inspired in the first place! The inspiration comes to you…infinite wisdom is beckoning you to express your version of it! I am very often inspired within nature and everyday experiences to share what the experience was like, the energy behind it and the take a ways.

We are interconnected; and in each and every moment we are in complete synchronicity with each other in the flow. And if we pay attention to it -it becomes so obvious and exciting! Have you taken a day and really appreciated the ways in which life weaves its way; – the connections that are before you just as you need that expertise, answer or inspiration! Embracing the possibilities that thoughts, ideas and inspirations are in the ethers and available any time you are open to receive them! Simply ask for the inspiration! Which takes this conversation full circle…Funny to react to something that isn’t even truth….the ego is a funny thing isn’t it! Create the most amazing version of YOU, share that and keep sharing as it is ever changing and glorious!

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