Creative Expression

“What we share is story, what we experience is our hearts…a deeper fuller sense of who we really are and the interconnectedness of all of Life!” ~Kathy~

“Within me lies Infinite Wisdom!” ~Kathy~

“Being who we are, and being it in the world.”  ~Kathy~ 

“Grace has me where Grace wants me for my Soul’s expansion” ~Kathy~

“What a wonderful outlet for the vast experiences that we call life.” ~Kathy~








Kathy’s most recent writing accomplishments include chapter submissions in the following 2 books:

“Speaking Your Truth, Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women Vol. 3″ Chapter entitled “Wings of Healing” and

“Awakening the Divine Feminine, The Heart of the Goddess” entitled “No Proof is Necessary” to be released in May of 2013!

Touching and inspiring must-reads for any woman on the path to personal empowerment!










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