Sheep in Wolves Clothing

The frost was thick, and the bird baths frozen as I filled up the feeders this morning. Although the sun was in her glory- it was cold! As I passed the wind chimes I rang them to call in the Blue Jays. And sure enough, within moments here they came. From every direction in skillful flight patterns honing down on the various platforms brimming with nuts and more! They tolerated each other and took their turn at the feeders. The family of five, now reduced to four comes each day and to watch them grow this year has been awesome. One of them has had an injury from birth, he is unable to use one leg that now protrudes directly behind him- he does amazingly well. Rolling with what life has presented…the one little guy that caught my attention was skillful in a different way!

Have you ever experienced those times in life when you have found yourself acting in a way that would appear BIGGER than LIFE? Trying to impress and conduct yourself in a way that would command more respect or attention? Or perhaps manipulate or bully? I have. And as I learn more about what makes Kathy tick I realize that it’s not necessary to “pretend” to be anything other than ME!
What if you decided to just be YOU…nothing more, nothing less, nothing guarded, nothing hidden- just 100% percent your luscious self! Without false appearances, without illusions of grandeur without defending. The softer side of real…the vulnerable side, the student side of life…learning as you go and going where it takes you!

And what does this have to do with Blue Jays? The feeder was full and in the cool air came the piercing shrill of a hawk……the birds scattered, and the feeder was bare…and sitting in the maple was the lone wolf….a Blue Jay that had learned..”If I sound like a hawk, they all scatter”…and indeed they had. The feeder was clear, he had it to himself…not another bird came close for nearly an hour. And there he sat, full of food and himself.
So What if- we could honestly look into our own lives and see where we are the Sheep in Wolves clothing….or the Wolf in Sheep’s  clothing… it’s an invitation to go within, not to excavate ALL of it, to simply notice and choose to create something different!

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