Riding the bike without peddles

Sounds absurd doesn’t it- I met the sweetest little two year old today that was doing just that! In the sunshine on this breezy day with a smile that spoke sheer JOY my little friend showed me. I guess it’s a new concept for little ones…a wee little bicycle, without training wheels to learn the art of balance and the art of steering! Feet on the ground, straddle the frame and walk/glide! He was having such a grand time! It became apparent to me that when we simply glide with what life is presenting us with- life is so much simpler. The tendency is to fight what we are shown, fight what we are exposed to, fight the way it “feels”, fight the flow!
What if we simply stay present to any and all things that are present in life? What if we stepped into the possibility that each and every little thing that is before us is what it best! Ok, I may have dropped a bomb for a few of you here…how could_____ (you fill in your story line) be whats best for me? And what if we didn’t need to know all the answers…..What if we simply trusted that we will always receive what is necessary when we most need it!  Kind of like my new friend, when you are ready for the pedals you will surely receive them, and until then ride the bike without the pedals, have a grand time, learn the art of balance! And just perhaps….you will not feel the need to steer!!

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