Release the Body, Release the Struggle, and Shine With the Sun

Life presents such heart-wrenchingly perfect ways to show you pieces that are pertinent to your development and appreciation of your expansion. My dear friend has moved on, and is free of his restricted body. I am grateful for our connection and the beautiful ways in which he has assisted me in my learning more about myself; in which he enriched my world. He shared a beautiful beaming smile that I will never forget – as his heart was truly in it!

Seeing him in hospice, seemingly trapped in a body that held back the enormous spirit I knew him to be;  it felt very constricted –  and yet we had conversation in ways that most may not have awareness around. I knew he was leaving, and the sunset spoke it in perfection –  clouds, light, and the brilliant silver lining that surrounded the edges. My husband and I both knew it would be the eve in which he moved ahead in his journey called life.

It is amazing to me to witness the perfection with which our bodies move through this concept called death. Oh I fully recognize that the body is indeed dying and going through the patterns and symphony of efforts that fulfill this thing called dying. And if you have personally experienced this, you may be aware of the essence of the person you loved being present and then seemingly removed or gone. This thing called death… is it possible that we are simply seeing the raw truth of the body ceasing to be animated by the glorious spirit we are; possible that the experience of death as we have been taught isn’t really death at all?

I share this with the most expansive heart, and deep understanding that many may not be prepared to hear this…and I also know that you may very well understand what I am sharing in some personal way! As a little girl, I remember seeing my father is his casket and telling my mother “that wasn’t Dad!” The strong understanding on some beautiful level that the essence of the loving, kind, attentive soul that I knew…wasn’t even there! All that was obvious was a body that had held a precious spark of life was before me quiet and without light.

I felt that as I sat in the chapel where my friend was laid. I felt a deep love for his family and great joy for his release of the body, the release of the struggle. And inwardly I celebrated his life, his cute giggle, brilliant smile, the fact that he loved westerns and feeding the squirrels! He doesn’t cease to exist; he is eternal, as each of us are. It simply is a transition from here to there…into the cosmic soup that holds such mystery and possibility! It’s a part of life that ALL of us experience and perhaps when we realize that we are continuous life, eternal energetic beings, we will not fear death as much as celebrate a new beginning. And in embracing that, we can then really LIVE without fearing so much.

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