Mini me vs Being your own Guru

When I reflect on my life’s path I giggle about all the seeking.
Seeking love…
Seeking a better way…
Seeking the answers…
Seeking what’s perceived to be missing…
Seeking someone that knows more that can tell me!

After spending a boat load of money on books, workshops, webinar’s, trainings, coaching, CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s and all- I have found that while it has all been useful to some degree…it isn’t my own. It has been a journey through everyone else’s perspective, teachings and way of doing. I totally appreciate that there is no need to reinvent the wheel when someone has created one that works well, and effectively…I guess it’s the rebel in me that says, wow so you’re a mini me! Remember that silly movie years back that featured a tiny version in likeness mimicking the antics of the nemesis?!

I have had many teachers along the way that have had a HUGE impact in my life- and it’s funny, the most significant in memory are those that encouraged me to think and feel with greater awareness…rather than given the “the answers!”
Thus allowing me to be my own Guru!
I respect the teachers that say that they don’t want you to do it “their way”- but to find “your way!” Sometimes, without the training wheels it would be easy to find yourself careening down a hill without any “sense” of control- I’m not an advocate for that!

The invitation is simply this…Are you happy doing it someone else’s way? Or being like someone else? Or are you ready to step into your own? Trust me, you are mightier than you can even imagine!! You have been blessed with everything you may require in this lifetime! Source creator didn’t place you here without skills…..ha ha you just aren’t as aware of them. And that is where the investments of time and money have brought value into my life! There comes a time when you chose to break free with reverence and gratitude, of what someone else says is gospel and have your own “birthing” of sorts into YOU! Thus- being your own Guru…who knows better how to be you than YOU?

That special resonance, those experiences and gifts that are uniquely YOU! There is no one that can be YOU- and you can’t be someone else…you can try and emulate them, however- deep down you will feel the pinging of “souls sonar” locating something that isn’t YOU. Have courage, step forward, make note of the joy you bring into the world be simply being YOU! Relish in THAT!

Get clear
Revere what you

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