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WOW, Dec 20, 2012…a very unique and awesome time in creation to be here on a planet that is experiencing sooo many shifts of beliefs, paradigms and ways of being! It is an awesome time to be alive. Whether you embrace the Mayan prophecies or not is to me irrelevant. Countless theories have been bantered about for months surrounding the changes in gravitational pull, polarities shifting; end times or will 21st December 2012 will be nothing more than a normal December solstice? Will the world keep spinning after the Maya Calendar ends? Most likely! Will it be the same old same old? I doubt that….What I can acknowledge from my own personal experience is a shifting of energies surrounding Love vs. Fear and so much more!

It’s been a quiet day of reflection and gratitude for all things in my life…I chose to leave the television off and not be glued to the computer today so that I could remain a clear channel for the wisdom of this day. In the late afternoon Ralston and I set off for a walk in the brisk afternoon air. It was very still, and very quiet unusually so. The neighborhood was empty and we had the entire block to ourselves. Returning to the house we decided to sit on the front porch swing to enjoy the last fading sliver of fall sunlight. As we sat I pondered the significance of the day. Not from a mental brainy space but from a grateful, quiet space. Wow, what a year it’s been…aside from seeing it in the world of accomplishments and successes (whatever those are) – more from an assessment of the many ways in which my life has shifted and how I have grown to know more of myself in a more multi dimensional way. I reflected on the glory of nature and the impact it has had in my life. It would seem the perfect example of the ebb and flow of what life is, what God is, what the Universe is…that full potential. What I AM…
“Mother Nature, Gaia, Pachamama show me how much I am loved…..Show me!”

The stillness was broken as a slow and steady sound of geese in the distance began to permeate the air….the crescendo was just above where we were sitting together out front. Three huge flocks of geese converged above us in a thunderous roar that split the quiet like a gong! We watched in still amazement as the enormously huge mass intertwined and seemed to flow together and move away as quickly as they appeared in the sky. The roar was gone and the quiet was deafening once more. I was covered with goose bumps and in sheer awe of the response to my seemingly small question of “show me; simply show me how much I am Loved.” The enormity of the experience is still baffling me. I am steeping in a deep knowing that I matter, I AM a unique expression of God and I AM loved beyond question. As you are also…Love and Support always.

photo of my buddy

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