Lean into your gifts

Have you ever had such clarity around something that there’s no questioning its truth? Those things that we seemingly know without “doubt” and in clear conviction stand by? I’m not talking about a conviction surrounded in personality- “I’m right”- “You’re wrong”…if there is such a thing as being “wrong”. I am referring to a much subtler sense…one of intuition. Subtler only because it is ever present and we may never realize it’s significance in our daily lives. It is HUGE! It’s what guides us along in our everyday; it aids us in our decision making, it prompts us to respond, and makes things obvious by showing us over and over and over!

I have learned to refer to this as the Universe “having my back”! Years ago when I was first learning Qigong, Master Lyn taught us “I AM the Universe; The Universe is in me; The Universe and I are ONE”. And over the years it has clearly been a part of my knowing that we are always connected… a part of something so awesome and never without its guidance – A loving benevolent Universe communicating with us at all times much like a radio signal. Now if your channel isn’t clear, if you don’t get out of your own way convinced that you can figure it all out, try to control, out smart, calculate, contemplate, yada yada yada – well then you are caught in struggle. What if this loving Universe is always seeing to things that are for and in your highest and greatest good? I know I may have lost a few of you – especially if you’re in the middle of what may seem to be the lousiest set of circumstances! Well, if we sat back and looked into our past with open eyes, I imagine you may find that many (if not all) of the “tough times” sculpted you into YOU! In my past I have experienced many aspects of life that challenged me – some still do, and yet I do not regret nor do I wish to deny anything that has been a part of my experience. I AM the Universe, The Universe is in me, The Universe and I are ONE…how can we NOT be connected? Of course we are…and as we dive into ourselves (as I lovingly used to called the “Dumpster Dive”) jumping in and digging through all of the junk we have learned ourselves to be, what we have agreed to be labeled as, and the conditioning in which we were raised, in that muck you find the sweet spot, the Diamond within!

What if the biggest farce of all is the belief we are “broken”, or “less than” to begin with! We are in a body and on a planet at this time with great purpose! We don’t need fixing; we are all individuated expressions of a benevolent and loving Universe, each with our own gifts. We aren’t here to be like anyone else…we are here to express our own unique qualities and attributes. Think of it this way – we are much like snowflakes; similar in our source and yet vastly different. Each of us is here as this divine aspect, to affect the world with our unique expression of that divinity.

This is the crux of my desire to express… as a Compassionate Creative! Much like you would attribute a painting to an artist, we are to create as our life; each “leaning” into our own unique gifts – the human experience!

Photo from my garden

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