Judgment day

Ok, I’m certain I’ve caught your attention with that statement! And what I mean by “judgment day” is an invitation to spend a day in deep awareness around your judgments…it is amazing how much we judge! It’s too dark outside, the house is cold, the coffee seems bitter, your spouse is cranky, the dog is demanding, the trash stinks the world is there for my appraisal. Ha Ha Not really, and yet it would seem that way at times. Have you ever sat back at a social engagement, your office, and your family get together and simply observed from a completely ~neutral place~ the goings on and ALL of the assessments? It is fascinating to say the least.

And why does this come up in me today? I have noticed that as I have invited the Universe more and more to show me what is in my highest and greatest without trying to lead…amazing things have occurred that felt very uncomfortable to receive…and they felt that way because I judged them as really disturbing, unsettling and hardly joyful. And I clearly am aware that as I fight what is being presented, that “inner knowing” that is, without doubt substantive information it only complicates.
If only I’d be grateful for the insights before me and not “judge” the way in which it shows up, the context, the specifics- they are simply clear bundles of information and knowledge that are multi-dimensional in nature. What does all of this relate to? – A recent missing person’s case that ended as a recovery. Why the detailed information arose in me, I may never fully understand- and if I continue to move forward as life is directing me, without judging…without struggle what is pure potential will unfold. And it most likely will be so much grander than I could have imagined…so, I chose to be aware of the judgement days, the moment to moment choice to engage in them or simply remain neutral.

photo from the garden

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