It’s just happening…….

I’m quietly sitting in the cool morning drenched in humidity and the soft sound of more rain in the back ground. There’s an eerie cry of a King Fisher in the yard, displaced by the floods from his home near the pond. The roar of the water still heard off in the distance and the busy flight patterns of birds from the neighborhood criss-crossing the yard. LIFE moves…be it water, sounds, smells, fears and small joys…it moves. Sitting and watching, listening and feeling…it is LIFES motion.

This day, so much happening at this very moment…floods, rain, reports of fear, hope, shootings in DC, food prep for parties, special reports, phone ringing, stomach gurgling, chilly toes, waves of love for a dear friend that is leaving this planet…and curiosity.  As it unfolds…ALLof it…at this very moment. Not created, not intended, and not with our direction – simply moving. The swift waters in their rawness share a fluidity that has struck most of us as scary, amazing, and not wanted. And at the very same time…it is LIFES flow….and we are all part of that…one moment as joy, the next as heart ache, one moment as hungry the next as content. It’s clear in all that is happening….that it’s simply that….HAPPENING…all on its own and we as part of IT…experience it all! Or we push it away, try labor and fight what simply IS.

Perhaps the greatest take away in this moment is to simply be with what IS…its LIFE; movement in so many dimensions with so much occurring simultaneously! And as it is all occurring…so too is every amazing cell in, as, and of your body; you breathe, your heart pumps and feels, you sense the coolness…amazingly, you are NOT separate from any of it…you are IT, it IS YOU!  It’s happening…

The meaning of the King Fisher had me very curious, as it sparked this writing. Interestingly the meaning indicates a “period of increased mental and spiritual activity. That psychic perceptions are increasing, how to remain grounded in the earth and “comfortable” doing so. Quiet solitude, connecting to Mother Earth. Teaching the art of timing, excellent visionary skills, feelings of what’s “unseen,” listening to your dreams, time for forward movement, the depths of emotions. And deeper still than what’s on the surface…a time of prosperity, love, warmth, and new found peace of mind. “

It all unfolds….it may show itself as flooding, birthing or even transitioning. As love, new beginnings or change…it IS LIFE. YOU are IT…as it flows…xoxo

Excerpts taken from: Animal spirit totems dictionary of birds

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