It’s all a matter of experience…

Well, here we are….on the threshold of a New Year 2014, bidding a thankful goodbye to the 2013!
The air is buzzing with the resolutions and good wishes of many for something better. It has me diving deeply within to explore the energies of what’s being shared. If we allow ourselves to simply peek through the veils we have in place, we could more clearly see the gifts in ALL that has been in our moments 2013. Rather than sifting through them as if preparing for the end of year contributions, placing them categorically into piles of Keep, Toss and Give away!

Each moment offers rich experience…that’s it! And without our judgment, it simply IS. What tends to occur is that we place restriction on what IS by tossing our preconceived notions of what it “should” look like, “should” feel like and “should” happen!

What if in this new year we simply LOVE what IS…..What if we have the experience as it IS, and see what that’s all about! I trust it IS what LIFE has been showing us, and what we are intended to bathe in. It’s like being the watcher…kind of, because the way I am seeing it is~ WE are the presence, the experience the glory of moment to moment wonder! And it IS intended to flow in such a way…we have programmed ourselves into believing that it has to be “just and so”…and then we clamor about that unfairness of it all!
Funny, isn’t it?
Can we quiet for a moment, to really hear what is asking deep inside….not something outside of ourselves telling us what is possible? Trust the inner guidance…that will never let you down, it will never have you doing something that isn’t in your highest! We’ve grown to believe that it’s what is outside of ourselves that directs our experience.

Well, news flash and possibility! What if….as you dive into 2014…you do so with “wide eyed wonder and possibility” to what is already occurring. What you are simply experiencing, embracing it all. No need or desire to “avoid” what isn’t pleasant for something better…simply move though it all!

It’s all a matter of experience anyway”…..Here’s to LOVE in 2014 and infinitely eternal! xo

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