It is what it is

It became obvious to me as I floated the social networking sites today that even those of us that are willing to delve into what “makes us tick”- have days that make me say…..Really? I share this purely in a state of discernment…and not actively engaging judgment here! It sparks in me clarity of what I chose to be in my own life when it comes to these sorts of things.
It’s funny, in my own life I observe the upsurge of the density we know as the EGO come flooding up at the most bizarre times. I laugh when it happens as it’s an old way of reacting to life…it’s the knee jerk “reaction” rather than “response.” When responding to life I feel it’s more of a thoughtful choice in the effecting outcome or simply going with the flow! The correspondence that I observed was around Allowance. The original expression was around “not being a doormat” and a few other expressions that need not be shared here. What was being shared was not congruent with what my heart leads me to feel! That being said, I wanted to invite in a different energy in the stream and chose not to; fully allowing the conversation to take shape and to remain inclusive of all.
What is Allowance?
What does that mean in your life?
In my life it has nothing to do with being a doormat…it is living your life…not being tossed about in someone else’s experience…not being so entangled in someone else’s energy as to feel injured or taken for granted! There is nothing to defend against if you aren’t entangled in it. Nothing to change or warn against if not entangled in it! So does it really matter what someone else perceives anyway? Only if you are entangled in the ball of yarn that has you reacting to what simply is.
I thank a sales manager years ago for his wisdom shared- “Kathy, It is what it IS!” Oh how beautifully it has unfolded for me over the years into something so much richer than I first believed. And that is allowance ….thank you Jack- much love where ever you are!

photo from the garden

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