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As I was enjoying a meandering walk with the dog I observed something so awesome that I’ve decided to write about it. The quiet was pierced by the bantering squawk of ravens in the trees. They are quite playful to watch as they fly about almost as if teasing one another. We walked closer and as we approached a huge tree the volume was changing and the flurry of activity reflected something more sinister lurking. It was as if the entire group of ravens had been incited and I became more curious as to what had provoked such frenzy. The neighborhood was echoing the now 20 crows that were flying in a closed pattern from tree to tree. What ensued was fascinating.

Gliding like a stealth bomber was a magnificent Red Tailed hawk that was being taunted by the crows that I’m certain feared for their lives. The picture was clearly a budding “bully scene.” Although the red tail could easily have taken his prey, the sheer number of aggressors was enough to immobilize him in the tree.

He began to screech his harsh shrill cry could only be interpreted by me as a call for help. He was surely outnumbered and presumably “trapped” in the tree.
As he cried out time after time I began to feel empathy for him as he appeared desperate to have assistance. And low and behold…here came the enforcements! Much to my surprise a Cooper’s hawk quietly made an entrance from the left. He landed but a few feet from the Red Tail and sat in the tree. The noise ceased and the standoff began. It was amazing to observe the outreach playing out in nature. What began as a fear of being eaten, the united front, the bullying…was now quieted by the stand of now two hawks together. And united they stood. Funny how a completely different variety of hawk came in to assist. The distress was obvious and the Coopers responded. It didn’t matter that he could have fallen prey himself to this massive by comparison Red Tail…he simply came to his aid.

I watched for several minutes in disbelief…and after a time the Coopers glided away, the crows remained quiet and the Red Tail sat quietly steady in the tree.
While walking home I marveled at the beauty with which Mother Nature shares her teaching in every moment we are in her. How beautifully the assistance is there without judgment and how lovingly she cares for all creatures. I had a kinship within the experience…I see her as part of me. And embraced the perfection of caring for our fellow man.


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