In but a moment….

I watched, I witnessed as you left this world, in but a moments time on a Sunday afternoon in July.

What was a simple unassuming trip to the bird store became an enormous life-changing experience. On a beautiful Sunday afternoon he was simply enjoying his motorcycle, with I assume not a care in the world. Moving along without a car in proximity and then…in but a moment, before us he met the side of a van that had carelessly crossed directly in front of him.

The sinking desperate feeling of doom, the immediate urge to vomit, the acceleration of heart, the confusion in reality, the experience of no time, the suspended animation in witnessing a lifeless body and motorcycle now lay in the road. My God…..Oh my God…desperately  fumbling for the cell phone, connecting with 911 as you watch in silence but a moment in time.

 My husband bolted from our car to give aid, I sat in prayer for the unknown soul that lay unresponsive….In the middle of the road, on a hot Sunday afternoon. I sat praying for the woman that chose to cross the road without caution, stopping this young man’s life in but a moment.

 The traffic was slowing and people were watching, and yet few stopped to assist. My husband and one other were cutting free his backpack and turning his lifeless body over. The gentleman that stopped to help my husband was a paramedic, and as he was assessing the circumstances told my husband, while he held pressure against his jugular vein -he needs compressions. My husband jumped into his calm actionable mode, and began the chest compressions while we awaited the sound of the sirens.

 Life felt suspended, as if everything was moving in slowest of motion, the sensations, the cascade of sadness, and the humble prayers for the chance of reviving this young man…on a Sunday afternoon.

In but a moment…before us it all changed…we could no longer go on about our day without being affected by the events of this Sundays drive. Our being where we were, when we were, was no coincidence- this we are both quite certain of.

As the parade of cars moved by while curiously straining to see what had happened, the ambulance, the fire trucks, and more police.

But it was a wonderful relaxing day and then…

The witness report was given, they called it, and it was over. He had expired due to his injuries…

We sat numbly in our car trying to take in all that had happened in but a moment, on a Sunday afternoon.

I am still numb in this moment with the events that are already in our past…as we try to go about our day gently walking through the events as they happened.

In but a moment it can change…so love with a full and open heart, say what you need to say, don’t ever hold back, hold those you love close to you, and those that you have turned your back on…embrace them. Never complain about what you have to do, jump into your life, and enjoy each and every moment. Be real, laugh and have fun, explore and be adventurous, see the simple beauty in the everyday, never see things as mundane and without meaning, appreciate everything in your life, play full out, take care, don’t hold back, be present to everything and everyone in your life, forget the phones and emails…be present, in your breathe, in your circumstances…in life. Stop……….be clear, that in a given moment……….it all can change. Much love

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