You Are Powerful Beyond Measure

I invite you to relax, take a deep breath and take this in…Right here right now you are exactly where you are supposed to be! This moment holds great purpose for you! Every moment of your life holds wonder and possibility. Each and every question you have ever asked, and every circumstance and experience that you have gone through and overcome has led you to this moment. I’ve heard it shared as the “gift of the eternal moment”- and over this past 3 yrs I have deeply dove into what it means to be present, fully engaging in life and whatever is presenting. It’s been a fascinating exploration into the “Being vs. Doing” parts of my existence. It’s not really a matter of one vs. the other, more an awareness of what it means to be Kathy, the real me, the divine essence I was intended to be in this world rather than the byproduct of conditioning and agreements made while blossoming into a woman with purpose. It is through this exploration that The Compassionate Creative was born. With Love at the center of it all and a deepening awareness, I have come to realize and appreciate that the way you create and experience each moment of life is always in your hands! The quality of your life is determined by your willingness to love who you are right now! The truth is…change, begins and ends with a change in YOU! You create in every moment and in every turn, Life seems to take you where you are intended to go, you can kick and scream and resist…or you can be open hearted and led by love through extraordinary experiences. I choose Love, I choose Compassion and I appreciate that I create it all. And as in The Wizard of Oz…filled with metaphor, Dorothy realized that she had the power all along. You do too! You are powerful beyond measure and the moment to realize that you create it all; you will realize that you can change it all! It’s an inside job…be open to it! Welcome to my blog, much love to you.

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