Fireside Jubilance…

The fire was exceptionally warm and thank goodness, it was certainly a brisk cool evening with hints of Fall in the air. We enjoyed a relaxing dinner around the fire and sipped a delightful Pyramid Ale. The sky was amazingly clear and the sounds of crickets pierced the air in their harmonious way. The night began with a few shooting stars and the fun search for satellites traveling the earth…and then….what appeared was truly magical.

Out of the western sky came a brilliant red-gold trail over our heads that seemed to just lay suspended in the dark sky for what felt like forever! It was magnificent! We both sat stunned and excited at the same time. Like jubilant kids we giggled and were in awe of what we had witnessed. Repeatedly we shared what it looked like, how amazed we were that it blazed the sky for 10 seconds. What pleased our hearts even more was the timing of it. We had just been chatting about meteors, my parents in spirit, shooting stars and a dear friend of my husband’s from the USMC recently passed on Thursday. Now the funny thing is that both my father and Rob were Marines….and the vibrant colors that cast across were Red and Gold (the Marine Corp colors). We’ve sat around fires before, and with the gum ball mentality asked for a “sign” and always been given something- this was BEYOND amazing!! We wondered if anyone else may have seen it.  And we knew that unless they had their eye in the sky at that very moment to witness 10 seconds of color streaking the air, we were gifted with something special.

I called a local television forecaster to ask if he had any calls about it….and his excitement at hearing what we witnessed was palpable. He took the time to explain that what we saw was exceptional- it is called an “Earth Grazer.” In NASA terms an “SSSB”, in terms he could explain, a meteor that is very close to the earth’s atmosphere, in a quadrant low in the sky, in dense atmosphere with color bands that are brilliant. He wished he had been outside himself. He simply said, “This is something you will never forget.” Agreed!

Even this morning as I share this experience, we are dumbfounded by it. No “co inky dinks” in playfulness… no such thing as coincidence. Total belief that the simultaneity had meaning beyond mere coincidence! Without a doubt!

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