Expansion…Within the Confines

I came across a classic example of an oxymoron this morning as I paged through Facebook. Welcoming you to participate – yet follow the rules…kinda like “be open, but within the boundaries.”  Of course it triggered me. It felt like a closed confine with hopeful expansion. So I sat with that energy a bit…and found myself asking questions. How expansive does that feel? What is expansive about limiting expression? Why are rules in play anyway? How can we hope to expand forward if it has to feel, look or be a certain way?

I believe the crux of the matter is that it was part of a group that is “all about expanding consciousness and flying forward in a state of neutrality”. I share this not to crucify the container within which this statement was presented; it’s more a stimulating conversation about checking within…feeling if there’s resonance or dissonance within as a result. It reminds me of an old tee shirt I had growing up, that read “If it feels good, do it.” Being in touch with your feelings and the way in which your body responds to something is tantamount in life. Your body is constantly sharing with you those things that feel “right” (using that term lightly) having resonance, or feeling “wrong” (again using lightly) or non resonant. Self discovery is all about “being” the awareness. Feeling into the experience, whatever is appearing – be it circumstances, partnerships, music, friends, writings, or simply how does coffee sound this morning?

Your body (your biggest guide) is always speaking with you…do you listen? When have you felt, heard or sensed something as not feeling perceptively good to you and you did it anyway? When has the communication been without doubt a saving grace in your life?

So I’m grateful for the query this morning, stepping in and checking in and knowing how it feels…expanding out the confines….allowing expression and honoring Oneness rather than separation. In gratitude for more self discovery!

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