Date with myself…

The morning started with a casual lumbering flare about it, no hurry for breakfast, no rush for timeline…enjoying several cups of fresh Italian coffee with cream. Savoring every bit of the day…lost in the moments. I asked to tag along and be dropped off at the Youngfield lakes while my husband went about his few appointments. The lot was full with hikers, and bikers preparing for a trail ride, and I was here for a meandering discovery session. The rich colors were completely supported by the bright warmth of the sun. I was drawn to the lakes edge…by all of unusual ducks and gulls and geese that were peacefully going about their business in their quiet way. I was pulled into the quiet, stillness with an immediacy that felt like a calming balm. The entire area became still, no people, no dogs no runner or bikers…just me and a glorious lake full of friends.

I have always been intrigued by the light…the way in which it pierces through even the densest spaces. They draw me in because it speaks to me, I feel it and I attempt to capture it. Photography for me isn’t about the nuts and bolts. It’s about the feeling that it arouses the uniqueness of light and texture… and then I take the shot.  Beginning to relax into the space my thoughts floated of in the rippling waves at water’s edge…dissipating and softening. Soft eyes and full viewing I took in the entire picture, as well as the bounty of love that surrounded me in this perfect location.

Even though the landscape was barren and dry, it held a beauty that was enhanced by the sun. The varying hues of wheat, amber and brown of dried grasses and shrubbery…the enormous strength of the trees silhouetted across a blue sky and the sound of geese in the distance. It felt heavenly…and it was just what was called for… The Artist’s Date. Nature has drawn me it her cradle getaways for all of my life…beckoning me into her magical play land. Today would be no different.

The sun reflected so brilliantly across the water and it looked like thousands of dancing diamonds glistening. I attempted to catch a few shots, and then was pulled in so intensely that I simply covered the lens and took it all in. This was for me…not everything is meant to be a photo focus. I received her powerful messages and felt filled by the beauty in the moments. So loved and supported…we all are. In every moment, be it with an unconscious approach or fully conscious of the offerings…the supporting love is there always. A slight smile painted across my face, I moved on to find the beautiful array of ducks floating and fishing underwater.

And clearly the message was received, “To find yourself supported on the water, in the water as the water and completely grounded in the experience.” All of it, rich with its perceptive layers. Expanding the nature of what we have ourselves thinking we are. And for today my message was clearly about the grounding experience of being human. Just being the experience…in whatever way it presents. The ducks seemed to represent a grounding presence for me. The higher levels of self have been evident for me for many years and the inner knowing have brought deep clarity and intrigue…and today it was about the bounty of merging ALL of oneself…the wholeness, the re-membering of all facets of self. The airy fairy nature of insight, wisdom and the grounded nature of being human seemed to merge with a softness that was palpable for me. I was home…not in the ethers…and yet supported by and clear that fully present, presence with it ALL! To be human with the wisdom of highest. So much more than the occasional intuitive hit…being all of it, whole, complete and yet curious of more.

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