Child like Wonder

To see the world through the eyes of a child…really take that in! To see the world through the eyes of a child…
As I write this morning, peering out my window the world before me seems different. Fresh, active and alive. To some it may be a room with the same view…but is it? Have you ever watched a child for the first time exploring its environment…with unbounded joy and fascination with ALL things before them? The whimsy of discovery…the excitement of touch, and taste and smelling…the amazement of sight and color…and feeling. Feeling ALL of it…free of judgment, free of the banter of your mind presuming this or that. Free of all of that dense stuff. Even 10 min of total presence to simply what IS…
Can you see the majesty in the tree, the beauty in the birds flight, the sounds of the woodpecker, the cool crisp air upon your face, the depth of color variation in the Autumn landscape, the joy of a dog in play, the delight of a child on a swing, the curiosity of life, the pleasure in silence, the energy of silence. The blessing of breath, the beat of your heart.  The child like wonder of ALL things great and small. And with…the marvel of your body engaging in all that it does without a thought…the harmony of billions of cells going through their process in loving and caring for you. The vastness of functions taking place in any moment without notice. And what if the things we have learned to label as “bad” “not normal” “painful” are simply in preparation for something far greater than you can imagine. The orchestration of all that is – WOW, childlike wonder. Life is so much more than the everyday grind of hearing the alarm, jump up, jump in and jump out.
Maybe just maybe it is ALL there before you so that you can chose to view it, experience it through the wonder…Jumping UP * Jumping IN* and Jumping OUT.
Sooo, as I finish this- before me is our Christmas tree…and with the love and wonder of a child I take in every beautiful bit of it with a heart refreshed and a perspective anew. Seeing something beautiful reminds our soul of what life really is…without all the other dense stuff.
Child like Wonder…here’s to that! xoxo

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