Caregiver’s Corner – Your Journey to YOU

  • It’s very exhausting.
  • It’s really sad at times.
  •  It’s aggravating and challenging.

It’s caregiving.

We become caregivers by choice, by default, and by obligation; we assume the role because the alternatives are unacceptable.  Your otherwise everyday life turns into a rollercoaster ride from hell or one of the most catalytic and sacred opportunities of your life. In Kathy’s experience…it was a combination of both – rewarding and undeniably stressful too!

She is an inspiring speaker and coach with a warm and caring heart; empowering care givers in the hospice experience to embrace the importance of self-healing and self-nurturance both during and after the dying process. She will support you in making this happen with her wisdom, guidance and humor.

She is currently creating a workshop that is…shall we say, unconventional. Her personal experience in navigating this topic will comfort, entertain and enlighten you. Her desire is that you will experience it differently going forward!

In the meantime, if you would like to contact her please feel free to email her at


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