Being special and the separation we create

I was reflecting today on something that has come up in my life a great deal- and yet today in a far deeper and different way.

Have you ever pondered how we see ourselves as “special” somehow a chosen few? Perhaps a group, the educated and intellectual elite, highly skilled group, the exclusive group and yes….even in the spiritual circles.

It’s that special “identity” that has you feeling more than or greater than. Than what? We are all divine aspects of a greater Universe, Source, God and isn’t that special enough!  We aren’t better than anyone else…nor are we less than! We all share the potential for greatness- and far reaching skills and potential that would boggle the mind! I can remember in high school we called it a clique. It was that special relationship of the chosen few that interact on a more regular basis than most as in an athletic affiliation, hoods and geeks you got the picture. As adults we see them as social groups, networking, collaborative efforts etc. And somehow it then progressed into the self imposed “boundaries” and further separation of the upper class, the lower class, politics, religious beliefs that would have us believing that we don’t belong. We all belong; we are all purposeful and infinitely special by virtue of being YOU! Not because you are part of a group that excels in business, or a group that is living exquisitely separate and therefore more spiritual lives. What if we saw life as life itself…flowing ever changing, co-mingling, co-creating perhaps we would come to know by being open…that we are all here as divine compliments of each other and expressions of all of the aspects of creation. And inclusiveness is our nature…as we are One. Oh I know, some will either say we aren’t One….or some will say well Duh…of course we are! And how many of us live that way? How many of us participate in something and therefore feel we are gifted in our experience that you can’t possibly know or understand because you weren’t there. And as a result the expansiveness of what occurred is relished and saved as sacred for a few. Really? We are all changing humanity in numerous ways…conscious or not, and wouldn’t it be awesome if we freely shared what we have to share. Rather than holding back and relating to only those that “know” the secret handshake! Funny isn’t it, even when we were kids there were special things that we did with special people at the exclusion of others. Well as a grown up, I now see how many times in life I felt like I was part of the not belonging club and at times more special that someone else. I laugh now at the absurdity of that and have deep compassion for myself and anyone that I may have excluded in the humanness of this existence. It is amazing to be special….and nothing separates us- unless we create that separation

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