Being Compassion in the flow of Life

A few days back my husband and I had ventured out for a few errands and decided to grab a few coffees on the way back. I asked if we could drive by my childhood home just for a peek and we proceeded in a different direction. It was a hot and humid day, with what felt like harsher than normal sun to me. As we were approaching the intersection I noticed a woman standing on the side of the road and sensed a bit of concern. I didn’t quite get the fullness of it, and yet it struck me clearly as “not the norm” scenario. Trusting the guidance I looked further down the road and tucked up against a brick wall on a sidewalk was an enormously obese golden retriever in distress. I knew in that moment, this is what I had picked up on! As we passed, I told my husband that we needed to turn around and go to the dog! He has been through so many of these very circumstances with me, and he gladly stopped and turned. I found a used drink cup in the car and we were on mission to find a nearby spigot to fill it. Those connections feel so directed; it’s as if they are living me! And the funny thing is, they are, if you listen….

It was obvious that this sweet girl was in real distress…it was her owner that was standing roadside several hundred feet back. Dealing with a severe state of thyroid disease, she must have been at least 50lbs over weight! Her beautiful overgrown eye lashes bathed in grey drew me in. She was most grateful for the water and loving touch! Her owner needed to get her jeep and husband to help, so I told her I would stay with her until she returned. Her relief was apparent as she lay on her side as best she could to receive a belly rub and a water bath! Packed up safely into the jeep they were off! And as I reflect on this experience it becomes clear that a benevolent Universe guides us in each and every turn and it is our choice in listening, heeding and following the guidance or not. The opportunity always exists to touch and interact with another aspect of the divine and if you listen you can be the compassion in the flow of life. It’s “being it” that drives you, not just an act for recognition.


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