And the Universe speaks….

I am so very grateful for the magical way in which the Universe, God/Source lays before me the perfect conversation with which to marinate in. My blog from yesterday was about the funny dance of the ego and the clever way it would have us believe that we are the originators of thought and creation, and that we actually own anything. Funny today as I was off to do a few errands before our next Spring storm I had a brief and powerful conversation with a lovely young lady at Starbucks. She shared not only coffee but the normal connection that we have built over the years. We have the coolest shares, and with divine timing! I’ll explain…..

Yesterday after writing, I was sitting with the concept of inspiration and what it means to inspire. I like to “marinate” in it so that I can “feel” the energy of it within myself as it relates in my life and influence.

According to the dictionary:

Inspiration is an action or influence, such as an idea, thing or person. In theology it is described as a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. And the divine quality of the writings or words of a person so influenced.

Inspire is to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence. To produce or arouse a feeling, a thought. To inspire, to fill, affect, to influence or impel.

I began to realize that in inspiring, you are doing something, and to INSPIRE you are “being” the inspiration. As many of you know, I took a powerful year plus to experience the essence of BEing vs DOing in my life. The experience and awareness was very powerful for me, to realize the influence and blessing you are when you simply “BE” you! Not talking about “doing” something…actually being the energy of love, compassion, understanding, thoughtfulness, and kindness in life. That’s what shifts energy in your day to day. Face it we are “energetic beings” and BEing the energy of whatever it is for you…it affects everyone around you!!! Great topic for a later blog!! Flash forward to coffee this morning…


I ordered my beverage, approached the window and as I pulled up, a beaming smile and a boisterous share- “You inspire me every time you come here! Your energy is a welcome change for all of us!” I knew in that moment that to inspire by “BEING the inspiration” is what shifts our world…Inviting you to be aware of the energy YOU carry with you throughout each day! In any given moment you can create or re-create your energetic signature…choose wisely, choose expansively. xo

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