Be your own Guru

Sitting today in silence, a deep well of wisdom came forth regarding this subject. I’m usually not a big “New Year’s” resolution kind of gal- this past year however; I embraced the feeling that “Being my Own Guru” would be the impetus in my moving forward and blossoming into that unique divinely human expression called Kathy.  Sure I’ve had teachers in my past that have shared many avenues with which to explore this, and some seemed to have a preconceived idea of what “Kathy” was supposed to look like- rather than heralding in what was expressing- it reminds me of a quote by Alexandra K. Trenfor- “The best teachers show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

Grateful even for those moments when I’ve been viewed as wrong or egoic…sometimes your greatest learning isn’t just about you. Perhaps acknowledging that we are all in the discovery of life, none of us having all of the answers and what may appear as your learning is more than that! My take away was that I was less than or broken in some way?! Oh I held that belief for a short while- held it as if it were mine!

And who knows you better than you! Funny isn’t it…if a button is pushed…and a conflict ensues…

Who is reacting?

The person who’s button is pushed!

What part of that reaction is mine?

What part of their reaction is mine?

How can I cause someone else to react? Fascinating isn’t it! We silly human beings want to place blame on someone else for our own reactions! I out myself here as well…or I wouldn’t understand it as much as I do! Ha ha So that being said, we learn about ourselves in every moment, each connection every happening! In every moment we can welcome what is there, we can judge it, we can push it away, we can deny that it triggers us in some way; we can simply be with it. And in so doing Be your Own Guru!


So much growth and opening since those experiences…and they obviously served me or I would not have had them. “Grace has me where Grace wants me for my Soul’s expansion” ~Kathy~ I have no regrets, only deep love and gratitude for the teachers/mentors and examples I have had over the years in each moment eternal. There’s a fluidity that occurs that is beyond your wildest imaginings. The serendipitous events just play out and the need to manage the Universe takes a back seat to what is unfolding before you as you your own Guru!

Trust what comes from inside….

photo from my garden

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