About Kathy

I was an exuberant little girl, full of life, coloring “outside the lines” with a potent curiosity about it all. Early on I met deep personal loss and grew up overnight, becoming an overly responsible “good girl” in order to gain attention in an otherwise lonely emotional existence. There were no programs to assist with grief and loss – you were left to figure it out on your own. And that’s when the questioning began… The Who, the What, and The Why’s. Who could let my world shatter? What had I done, And Why did this happen? I felt a deep sense of responsibility to pick up the pieces of this shattering loss, attempting to gain approval, attention and love, wanting to feel cared about. I was clearly feeling lost, abandoned, needing to get things right, perfect. I gained favor by subjecting myself to other peoples whims, feeling forsaken, “needing to control” when all else felt out of control. And through it all, I openly loved and filled the cup of everyone else around me – and yet never myself?  What about me?

The exploration began in my early twenties reading books, attending seminars, class’s metaphysical workshops. It was all so very fascinating to me. What was the something more that I was missing? Throughout my adult life, I met key people, “sign posts” along my way heralding me to “take back your power”…I had no idea what that meant! Life had served up many catalysts of great change, and through them I gained wisdom and a deep “knowing” about the sacredness of life. The most significant catalyst of change was the full circle experience of caring for my mother through long term illness in home hospice and creating a loving, peaceful environment for her transition. During this 7 year phase of care giving, I learned Who “I AM” at my very core! I had a profound glimpse of the field of love, the essence of love that is life, while holding her just hours before she transitioned… it has forever changed me! Within that 20minutes I felt what it meant to be in the power of love, to be held in the boundless expansiveness of life. I felt no fear, only peace. I felt no struggle, only acceptance – a spiritually transformative experience of unconditional love beyond description even today. Things began to shift at an accelerated speed for me. Who am I? What is this all about? Why am I here? A deepening awareness of my divine nature and what it means to “step into your power” emerged.   God/ Source/Universe isn’t out there somewhere; you are a divine child of God, created with purpose, never forsaken, and as that child of God, you hold the creative power within your life!  The moment you realize that you create it all, you realize you can change it all – and I have embraced that. I believe that when you become more aware that the power to determine your journey is always within…that’s when it gets fun!

My desire is to pay it forward…To assist others in living their lives from a place of empowered awareness; to nurture, care and look into themselves in order to thrive within their lives. To be open to new awareness about the Who’s, the What’s, and the Why’s. Who are YOU? You are a divine child of; and not “separate from” this wondrous source that lives within your heart and soul.  I choose to emanate the love that I now know myself to be; to be the light, to freely love and care without conditions. To be grateful for everything in my life; it’s all fertile ground for growth – each circumstance is for your highest and greatest good! Life isn’t a series of events to endure…it’s meant to be experienced in the flow. And to create from the fullness of what’s possible…in the One.


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